Sermon Sketch | “Boldness is the Need”

I preached this sermon at my dad’s church. They were celebrating the opening of their new church building. We met outside because the fire marshal had not given the church a certificate of occupancy. It was a great service.

Boldness is the Need
Acts 4:13-23, 29-31

1. Confrontation is a sign that God is at work (v. 3)

2. Conflict is the natural result of conviction (v. 18)

3. Continue to show what you have “seen and heard” (v. 19-20)

4. Boldness is the need of the Church (v. 29-31)

  • Courage is the ability to face your fears
  • But… Boldness is courage with a purpose

Sermon Sketches

What is a sermon sketch? I have been preaching for about twelve years now. Over that time I have written hundreds of sermons. They take different forms and are written on just about anything you can imagine. Some of them are manuscripts and some of them are just basic outlines. One of the things that I think about is losing all of that information. So, I will be trying to take one sermon a week and put it here on the blog. My hope is that it will be helpful to you as you read them, and it will give me a more secure way of preserving what I have learned through the years.

We will see how it goes!