Word to the Wise | “Jesus Loves Me”

I have always been human.  I do not know how it feels to live in any other way.  My flaws and weaknesses are unavoidable.  There is nothing I can do to change my nature.  It is what it is.  If someone asked me if I would consider living as a fish, a mosquito, or a rat, I would simply say: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?

Jesus, on the other hand, existed from eternity as a spiritual Being.  He had never experienced limitations of any kind.  He was the Creator.  He was never the creature.  But one day, solely motivated by love, He left His perfect and eternal habitation and He “humbled Himself” (as Paul the Apostle tells us) and He became a man.  But this is not all.  Out of love He subjected Himself to the humiliation of rejection and finally to an unjust and dirty execution.  Why did He do it?  I now.  I now.  He was motivated by love.  But, what kind of love is this that chooses to sacrifice Himself for people that reject Him?  It is this kind of love shown by Savior that for the rest of eternity would remain incomprehensible to me.  I can say the words: Jesus loves me, but I cannot comprehend the depth of their meaning: Jesus really loves me.  Say it to yourself: Jesus loves me.  What an awesome love!

Pastor Luis Scott
Ambassadors of Christ Fellowship