A Time for Change

For the last several years I have posted my musings, thoughts, sermons and ideas on this forum. However, a time for change has come.

The Reformed Wesleyan began as a slip of the tongue. It became the “next” chapter of my life as I journeyed the road of faith with Jesus. Over the course of time we all see new things and even begin seeing things in new ways. That is where I find myself. I would like to explore a wider range of issues and feel that The Reformed Wesleyan no longer captures the totality of what I want to say. So, rather than try to make this forum something it isn’t, I will cut a new path. One that has been waiting for me to be ready.

The next leg of my journey is beginning. Starting today, I will begin writing on Jeremiah’s Passion. If you have enjoyed sharing this journey with me, please come and join me there. I could have asked WordPress to move you, but I wanted to invite you to come of your own accord. It did not feel like the right thing to do!

I would like to thank you for your trust and your willingness to read the thoughts that formed and found expression here. I have enjoyed my time of sharing with you on this site and look forward to more of that sharing in the future over at Jeremiah’s Passion.

NOTE: The content here at The Reformed Wesleyan will remain for the foreseeable future. I may chose to move the content over to my new site, but this has yet to be decided. Thank you again.

Thankfully Yours,

The Reformed Wesleyan