A Reformed Wesleyan?

Am I Serious?

This may be the question that many of you are asking after reading the title. Well, I am serious. I have come to this position, partly by a slip of the tongue, but mainly due to a wide variety of influences and conversations over the course of my faith journey and development. I am sure that I will upset (or at least confuse) more people than I will satisfy with my formulation. I will have to put that out of my mind. There will probably be a good number of you who would even say that I must not understand either theological system to make such a “ridiculous” claim as being a Reformed Wesleyan. While I will not claim any expansive level of expertise, I have read and studied enough to know what each system argues for and against.

What I want to say is that I have not tried to pick and chose from any system of thought in order to get “what feels right” to me. That is a bad practice to start, and doctrine is not something that we can choose a la carte. (I know that I will be accused to doing this, so please you don’t have to go there.) Take what I write at face value as a sincere attempt on my part to do justice to God’s word and to attempt, in what feeble way I can, to bring God glory. When I deviate from this, “reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching” (2 Timothy 4:2, ESV).

Finding My Way

I am seeking to walk the fine line that I believe the Bible draws between the Sovereignty of God position (Calvinism) and the Free-Will position (Arminianism). As I have studied and reflected and interacted with friends and colleagues about what God has said in His Word I have sought to be both faithful to God’s Truth and my experience. This is not a simplistic attempt to achieve existential bliss. God is too good and wise and wonderful for me to find my satisfaction in myself. With that said, I do hold to the belief that God has not given me faculties that He intended to deceive or manipulate.

But, in the end this blog is a way for me to express what I have come to believe. I will try to look at various issues in theological, sociological and practical areas of life from a perspective that I believe best answers the questions of what God has revealed in the Bible about Himself, humanity (but more specifically me), and the resolution of Sin in the world through the Life of Christ.

I will put forth my beliefs on this website as best I understand right now and am open to discuss any issue or topic that I raise. I know that I have not cornered the theological market. I look forward to the dialogue that is to come.


Victor Scott

4 thoughts on “A Reformed Wesleyan?”

      1. I am looking forward Victor. I am Reformed who is deeply in love and respect the works of James Arminius and Wesley. I believe D. A. Carson called my position Moderate Calvinism. 🙂

        I have though of Reformed Catholicism, but never Reformed Wesleyan before.

        Thank you for a brilliant blog and resources Victor.

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