Gospel Basics

In Gospel Basics: Seeing the Goodness of the Good News we try to answer the question: What is the Gospel? If you are a believer in Jesus, it is the single most important truth that has ever been revealed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful because it exposes the deepest fears and struggles of the human experience. At the same time, hope and peace, joy and comfort are extended to those who repent.

The Gospel is the retelling of what Jesus of Nazareth did in providing salvation for a fallen humanity. The Gospel is one message that contains many parts. Therefore, Gospel Basics strives to show how each piece fits together and must be present in order for the Gospel to be correct.

The Gospel’s power is not only found in hearing it or believing it. The devil has heard and believes that Jesus is the Son of God! The Gospel’s power is seen and found in conforming every aspect of one’s life to it.

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Gospel living requires Gospel clarity. The heart of this book is to provide a clear presentation of the Gospel so that all who hear, believe and live the Gospel will see the power that the Scriptures promise to all who follow Jesus.

Each chapter provides the believer and the searcher with the basic information and knowledge required to know what makes up the Gospel. If any of these components is missing, the Gospel is at risk.

Exploring the Gospel's Implications

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