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Video Spotlight | “Laying Cinder Blocks like a Pro”

A couple of months ago I came across this video. It is what it says. It’s four minutes of a man you can not see laying blocks in a smooth and steady rhythm. I have watched it several times because there is a beauty in it I can’t describe. There is just something about watching an individual who has honed and perfected a trade or craft.

This is what I have asked myself as I have watched this video, “Am I as good at anything as this block layer is at laying block?”

I would have to say no. But, I would like to be. Striving for perfection may never yield the desired result. In the journey what we find is the refinement of skill and satisfaction. We all have to ask ourselves why we do what we do. Is to “get ahead” or make more money? Or, could the simple act becoming “good” at something bring its own spiritual reward? I’m not sure, but I would like to find out. Enjoy!

You can follow the link to the video. Laying cinder blocks like a pro..

Video Spotlight | “Remind Me Who I Am” by Jason Gray

This past weekend I was reminded of God’s grace and love. There are many ways that we can be divided, but there is only one way that we can stand together. The love and grace of God is the unifying reality of our faith.

I think of that moment in “The Lion King” when Simba is struggling to make sense of what has happening in his life. Rafiki shows up and invites him to look harder into the water, into himself. Mufasa, the late and great king, emerges from the clouds and reminds Simba of who he is. He is Mufasa’s son and the rightful king. We may not all have visions sparked by mystical, ninja baboons, but we must learn the heed the words of Mufasa, King of the Pridelands for ourselves:

Remember who you are!

May this help you remember today.