This page will be dedicated to resources that I have created or that I have found helpful and which have informed what I believe.  It will be reviewed and updated as often as necessary.  If you find a broken link please let me know so that it can fixed or replaced. If you think of a resource that might be helpful feel free to send me a note through the Contact Us page.

The Reformed Wesleyan Resource Store

The store contains recommended resources that you may want to add to your library. These are resources that I have found helpful in my study and preparation for preaching and teaching. I will also select books that have helped me personally as well as books that are on my reading list.

(DISCLAIMER: I do earn a small commission from each purchase through the store from

Current Teaching Series

In Development


These Resources are created by The Reformed Wesleyan. New publications will be added as they are sent to press. Please check back regularly.

Past Teaching Series

These will consist of a series of posts dealing with a particular theme, area of Christian growth, biblical subject or book of the Bible. If you have any suggestions please write to us.


Coming Soon!


Can find what you are looking for? The archives page lists everything published on this site in a variety of ways. If you still can find what you are looking for please write to us for assistance.

Other Helpful Resources

These are websites from other individuals and ministries that may be helpful. They cover a wide range of topics and range in theological perspectives. This will be a growing list, so please feel free to make suggestions!

Exploring the Gospel's Implications

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