Past Teaching Series

Advent 2012
The Advent 2012” takes another look at the familiar stories and characters surrounding Jesus birth. The doctrine of the Incarnation and the two natures (the human and divine) of Jesus are re-examined. One of the problems with stories we know well is we forget why they are special. Let’s recapture the special nature of the Christmas event.

The “Growing Pains” series looks at seven areas in the Christian’s life where we have to show maturity. It is not enough to know what we need to do, if we are unable or unwilling to do them. In this series you will find short and clear thoughts and suggestions about how to grow toward maturity in these vital areas.

The “Faith is…” series explores the depth of meaning found in the Bible to describe and explain what faith is. Faith truly is more than we understand. You will be challenged and encouraged to explore more deeply what it means to have faith. One of the more amazing aspects of faith is that it is always more than we have imagined, never less.

Exploring the Gospel's Implications

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