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Lent Day #27 | Worship

Over the last couple of days the subject of worship has been coming up a good bit. One of the many lessons I have learned over the course of my faith journey and now in the time I have served in full-time ministry, is that worship is both vital and misunderstood. The significance of worship cannot be overstated or understated.

What I have discovered is how difficult it can be to talk about worshiping God. How do we worship a being that can not be explained, described or interacted with in an “normal” way. Not to mention the fact that God can not be approached in any random and haphazard manner. God must be engaged on his terms. This is a reality I am becoming more aware. My desire is to become a better worshiper. Not because there is something wrong with me, but because there is something so right with Him!

I followed the ministry of Bishop Veron Ashe for a few years. I discovered he recently passed away and was reintroduced to his preaching. The following sermon is a good sample of his skill as a preacher and insights as a student of God’s Word. I will not say I agree with everything he says in the following sermon. However, I find that much of what he says resonates with my heart about the nature, necessity and responsibility of worship in the life of the church and individual believer.

What is “The Overview Effect?”

sunrise-over-earthI came across this video and was struck by the startling struggle that those who do not have a faith orientation have in trying to describe realities of life that are sublime and spiritual. When faith is not the ground of those realities that are non-material and yet undeniable real our language betrays us. Take the time to watch this and listen to the wonder, awe, splendor and mystery those interviewed attempt to explain and quantify. Without a faith perspective we do not have the proper framework to express those yearnings and realizations that are not because of the object observed, but because of our awakened understanding of the larger story we are participating in. This was a remarkable video, both in its beauty, but also in its ignorance.

This is my take and I am sure that many of those in the video would disagree with my assessment. Let me know if and where I’m wrong. I look forward to your thoughts!

I would recommend watching it “full screen.”

Sermon | “The One Worshiped Sets the Rules”

I preached this sermon on June 3, 2012 at the church where I serve. It was during the evening service with only about twenty or so of our congregation. They are such a wonderful group of people. I have shared the outline to this sermon already, but since I had the audio, I wanted to share that as well.